RMK Smooth Fit Poreless Base


Color 01

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RMK Smooth Fit Poreless Base.

All 4 colors / 35g / 01 SPF4 PA + / 02 SPF5 PA + / 03 ・ 04 SPF6 PA +
・ 01 Fits all skin colors. A no-color type that improves the transparency by keeping only the unevenness flat without changing the skin tone.
・ 02 Red and silver pearls sparkle delicately, adding a slight complexion to make your skin bright and soft.
・ 03 For lighter skin color. Light beige that gives a soft and bright impression.
・ 04 For those who want a natural finish. A healthy beige with a transparent finish that easily blends into the skin color and has no dullness.