RMK Luminous Penbrush Concealer


Color 01

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RMK Luminous Penbrush Concealer.

Rather than "hide", "invisible * ". The thin film texture beautifully covers uneven colors such as bears and dullness. Makes the skin three-dimensional and lustrous, as if it were lit. Various skin tones and color variations to meet your needs. The usage is casual, but the finish is professional. A new high-performance concealer that is not bound by the common sense of concealers.

Color Variation
・ 01 Pink with a soft nuance.
・ 02 A basic beige that brings out a sense of transparency.
・ 03 Healthy dark beige.
・ 04 Recommended orange for bears. (For those with a bad complexion)
・ 05 Yellow that covers brown dullness. (For those who are concerned about pigmentation)