RMK Flores Cover Concealer


Color 01 refill

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RMK Flores Cover Concealer.

A concealer that pinpoints and firmly covers color unevenness caused by skin problems such as dullness and bears with a special color effect.
Adopting a new base formula, it spreads comfortably with a creamy texture while having moderate hardness, and it adheres tightly to the skin. Since the thin film fits the skin firmly, it has a natural and light finish even though it covers it. A lineup of 5 colors that you can freely choose.

All 5 colors / 1.4g / SPF26 PA ++

Case and brush sold separately. Released on March 4th.

Highlight color that brings brightness and transparency
・ 01 Beige with a bright pink nuance.
(For lighter skin color)
・ 02 Bring out the natural brightness
Basic beige.
(For people with basic skin color)
Corrective color that covers color unevenness according to skin problems
・ 03 Covering blue dullness such as bears,
Pink that adds a slight complexion.
・ 04 Grayish color unevenness, pigmentation,
Orange that covers brown spots such as stains.
・ 05 Anxious redness and acne scars,
Yellow that covers the brown bear.
・ 02 × 03 highlight color × correction color
For those who want to try both.
(* 01x03 is recommended for people with lighter skin color.)
・ 03 × 05 For people with mixed skin problems.

After squeezing with the base, take a concealer with a brush or fingertip and apply it to the area around the eyes and areas where color unevenness is a concern.