RMK Color Stick


Color 01 Frosty Rose

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RMK Color Stick.

A new color stick that is softly colored and enhances strength and sophisticated inner beauty is now available in 3WAY, which can be used for multiple purposes such as cheeks, highlighters, and eye shadows.
The six colors, which are familiar to any skin with exquisite sheerness, clear coloring, and healthy shine, are easy to blur while being moisturized, and have a smooth texture.
The capacity to freely control the luster and tone according to the mood and style without choosing a scene. The one-tone make-up, which is somewhat sexy and sophisticated, exudes a new charm to the cheeks and eyelids.

・ 01 A magic item that creates the baby skin you admire. A fashionable rose color with a soft and transparent color that brings out an elegant luster with pink polarized pearls.
・ 02 Rose pink that brings out a fresh and sweet look. The matte texture without a pearly feel creates a cuteness with a natural complexion.
・ 03 A chic berry color that combines innocence and an adult mood. A fluffy, matte textured ruddy berry that goes well with any look.
・ 04 A mature color that is familiar to the skin and has a brilliant glow, with a rosy base color and a bronze glow. Whether it's one color or layered on another.
・ 05 A warm, shimmering fresh orange that develops a soft color. Adds a soft transparency and highlighting effect to the cheeks.
・ 06 The calm orange is a fashionable color that gives a healthy and fresh look. Also when you want to produce tanned skin.