RMK Airy Touch Finishing Powder


Color P01 set

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RMK Airy Touch Finishing Powder.

For moisturized skin that continues to have a beautiful finish.
The moment you put it on your skin, it melts and disappears, giving you an airy feel that you can't think of as a powder. The exquisitely balanced oil enhances the fit to the skin and creates a moist and natural luster. While making pores and dullness inconspicuous, it suppresses shine and stickiness for a smooth and light finish. It does not become powdery even when layered, and the transparency is restored each time it is applied.

P01 A pearl type that adds a sophisticated luster. A blend of silver pearls and red polarized pearls for a slightly sparkling and gorgeous impression.
01 A no-color type that makes the best use of the original color of the skin. It blends naturally into the skin for a natural finish.
02 White that gives a sophisticated and lustrous impression while toning up the entire skin. It has the highest amount of oil and glossiness among the three colors, so it is recommended for those who are concerned about dryness.

All 3 colors / 8.5g / with puff