Pola Beautiful Black Squeeze

Size 3g*30bags

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Pola Beautiful Black Squeeze.

A powdered drink that supports clean everyday life with the power of smooth support materials such as charcoal, black turmeric, lactic acid bacteria and dietary fiber.
It has a slightly black bean scented brown rice tea flavor, and is easy to drink like a healthy tea, with a refreshing richness.

Charcoal (plum seed charcoal, coconut shell activated charcoal, red pine charcoal) that has been used for a long time for health, black corn extract, black soybean seed coat extract, fermented black grape extract, shilajit and other black materials, as well as pomegranate flower extract Contains gobo, grapes, lactic acid bacteria, dietary fiber, etc.
It is a non-caffeine powder type that dissolves quickly in hot or cold water.