Pola B.A Serum Prislumina

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A serum for glowing skin filled with luster, and radiating with resilience.

This luxuriously dense serum infuses deep into your skin. Experience skin with springy resilience, and a soft glow. For lustrous skin filled with vitality.

  • Sensation and quality that enhances the feeling of beauty. Feel the skin gradually plumping up with moisture, and being enveloped in a green floral fragrance. Work the serum into the skin in upward movements, from the mouth area to the cheeks, for even better penetration.
  • It contains plant-derived moisturizing ingredients. EG Clear Extract from the lotus flower, and YAC Extract from the Japanese mugwort, both of which are extracted in high concentrations. Contains POLA’s original plant-derived moisturizing ingredients.
  • 40ml