Pola B.A Eye Zone Cream

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Pola B.A Eye Zone Cream.

A springy-textured cream*3 that firms and lifts the eyes, creating a 3D effect.

A dense and rich cream that moisturizes, firms, and lifts the skin around the eyes.
It uses a completely new level of intense moisturizing, to achieve firmness and a 3D effect that makes the eyes stand out.

  • Focus on the area that supports the eyes: “Eye Core Forming Theory”. We focused on the structural features of the eye area and established POLA’s original “Eye Core Forming Theory” for a moisturized eye area that creates firmness and a 3D effect. In addition to POLA’s original compound moisturizing ingredient CF Extract, the cream also contains B.A Core Liquid, Golden LP, YAC Extract, EG Clear Extract, Sophora Root Extract Clear, and other ingredients the B.A line is known for.
  • A “3D Memorize Formula” for creating firmness and volume. A sensation that shifts in three stages from 1. A dense and rich feel, to 2. Intense moisturizing to 3. Deep penetration that lifts and firms the skin.
  • 26g