Obagi C Enzyme Facial Cleansing Powder DP

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Obagi C Enzyme Facial Cleansing Powder DP

For adult pore concerns. This enzymatic cleansing powder, enriched with Vitamin C, effectively removes blackheads, sebum, and roughness from pores. It guides the skin to a moisturized, firm, and transparent complexion.

Developed through Obagi's unique dermatological research,
(1) Vitamin C formulation: Guides the skin to a smooth and silky texture.
(2) Formulated with two types of enzymes: Protease (cleaning component) and Lipase (cleaning component), which wash away pore impurities and old keratin, leading to a translucent complexion.
(3) Carefully selected adult pore care ingredients: Includes Yukinoshita extract (a tightening ingredient) and moisturizing ingredients tailored for adult pores.

0.4g x 30 pieces

Release Date: June 1, 2024

Take one capsule of powder into the palm of your hand and lather it with a small amount of water or lukewarm water to cleanse your face. Then rinse thoroughly.

A foaming net can also be used.

It can be used daily. Use according to your skin condition.