Obagi C Day Serum BB

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Obagi C Day Serum BB

Embrace the sunlight while doing makeup with our skincare. Our BB cream shields your skin every time you use it, making it less prone to sunburn and preventing the formation of spots.

Developed through Obagi's unique dermatological research, we approach skincare concerns with the following features:

UV Activate-C formulation: Contains moisturizing vitamin C derivatives, sustained-release vitamin C derivatives, and UV capsules that overflow with vitamin C in response to ultraviolet rays.

Multi-protect veil: Helps prevent harmful substances in the air from adhering to the skin, guarding against environmental pollutants and pollen.

Bright Keep Film technology: Long-lasting glossy skin with a formula that is less likely to stick to masks or towels.


After toning your skin with lotion, take an appropriate amount (about the size of a pearl) onto your palm and evenly spread it over your entire face.