Nousaku Sake Pitcher-CHIRORI-L

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能作 - Nousaku Sake Pitcher-CHIRORI-L

It makes full use of the characteristics of tin, which has good thermal conductivity.

Chirori is a liquor tool for putting a smoke. Please use it over hot water. Because of its high thermal conductivity, the tin itself also becomes hot during boiling. Please bring the wicker roll. Since ancient times, tin is said to be "water in tin cups does not rot" and "becomes delicious due to the miscellaneous taste of sake", and has been used in sake cups and tea ware. In modern times, it is said that the effect of ions purifies water and makes drinks mellow.

By pouring it on a 100% tin slush, the miscellaneous taste of sake is eliminated and you can taste sake even more deliciously. Contains about 380cc.