Nousaku Sake Cup Bamboo


Nousaku Sake Cup Bamboo

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能作 - Nousaku Sake Cup Bamboo

A 100% tin cup with a bamboo motif that goes well with Japanese food.

Since ancient times, tin is said to be "water in tin cups does not rot" and "becomes delicious due to the miscellaneous taste of sake", and has been used in sake cups and teaware. In modern times, it is said that the effect of ions purifies water and makes drinks mellow. It has high thermal conductivity and the container itself becomes hot, so it is recommended for cold sake and slime.

Please enjoy the rustic and soft texture of each cup made by a craftsman. Contains about 50cc.

  • size-H50 φ48
  • capacity-About 50cc
  • Box size-H52 53 D68
  • Weight-157g
  • Material-100%Tin
  • Box specifications - Cosmetic box
  • Number of contents-1 pc