Nousaku Beer Cup

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能作 - Nousaku Beer Cup

This beer cup is recommended for those who want to enjoy the creamy foaming of beer.

This beer cup is a casting made of 100% tin, but it produces a mellow bubbling of beer due to the matte-finished, slightly grainy casting surface. In addition, tin has been used for a long time since it has been used for sake ware, teaware, etc. because it is said that "the water in a tin bowl does not rot" and "the miscellaneous taste of sake makes it taste good". It has good thermal conductivity, so if you put it in the refrigerator for 1-2 minutes, you can enjoy chilled beer. It is also recommended for iced coffee and soft drinks in the summer.

A tin beer cup that has high antibacterial properties and can be used safely as tableware. How about a drink every day?

  • size -H115 φ65
  • capacity -About 200cc
  • Box size -H70 W76 D130
  • Weight (including tbox)- 312 g
  • material -100% tin
  • Box specifications- Cosmetic box