Naturaglacé Cream Bar Foundation N

Color 01 Bright Skin Color

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Naturaglacé Cream Bar Foundation N.

A stick-type foundation that adheres tightly with a single application and has excellent coverage and UV protection for even semi-matte skin. With a single application, it adheres tightly to even semi-matte skin. Contains "Cassis", which contains essential fatty acids that are the source of ceramides that make up the skin and has a high effect of protecting the skin, and "Bilberry", which contains abundant polyphenols and protects the skin from dryness. Protects the skin by smoothing and evening the surface of the skin. It blocks UV rays while protecting the skin from dryness.

2 colors / SPF50 + PA ++++ / 12g

    All Ingredients: Ingredients: Titanium Oxide, Squalane, Johova Seed Oil, Octildodecyl Myristate, Candelilla Row, Castor Oil, Carnauba Row, Silica, Mitsurou, Olive Fruit Oil * 1, Hipophaeram Neudes Fruit Oil * 1, Xantophile, Kurofusasuri seed oil * 1, bilberry leaf extract * 2, hydrogenated castor oil, sucrose, tapioca starch, tocopherol, water, Al hydroxide, (+/-) iron oxide, mica * 1 organic ingredient * 2 wild craft ingredient