MiMC Styling Herb balm

Color Clear

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MiMC Styling Herb balm.

Hair styling balm 100% plant-derived components.

Since it is a pay-out stick type, it can be applied reliably to the target area with one hand and can be easily styled.
Clear can be used for various purposes such as styling tight hair, styling bangs and slack hair, and calming bangs.
For black and brown, a 1-day white hair cover can be partially made and can be washed off with shampoo. (All non-silicone prescription). A hair styling balm that gives hair firmness and elasticity with a refreshing and refreshing scent.


Open the cap and turn the dial to the right to pull out the balm by about 5 mm. Apply an appropriate amount to the hair so that the balm slides from the hairline to the tip of the hair. Rinse with shampoo before going to bed to keep your bedding clean.