MiMC Skin Trainer
MiMC Skin Trainer
MiMC Skin Trainer
MiMC Skin Trainer
MiMC Skin Trainer
MiMC Skin Trainer
MiMC Skin Trainer


MiMC Skin Trainer

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MiMC Skin Trainer.

MiMC original Kasa with rare mineral earth tones and natural elements.

The rare stones called earth tones
are carefully shaped one by one by hand to create a warm shape that incorporates natural elements.

We want you to take time to face your own skin even in your busy daily life, and we want
you to be a product that creates "beauty now", "beauty in the future" and "energy".
I made a coolness with "mineral" which can be said to be the origin of.
It will be delivered with a gray drawstring bag with logo that fits perfectly.

Spend a more fulfilling skin care time with Kassa Massage.


<Before use>
・Please use after applying oil etc. to make the skin slippery.
・Using the cushion when the skin is not slippery may put a strain on the skin.
・Since natural stones are used, there may be variations in stone patterns and colors, but there is no problem with quality.

<Precautions for storage and handling>
・Do not store in places with high or low temperatures or in direct sunlight.
・Because natural stone is used, there is a risk of injury due to cracking or chipping due to impacts such as dropping or sudden temperature changes.
Please handle with care.

<Cleaning method>
(1) Rinse the oil thoroughly immediately after use.
(2) Wipe off water droplets with a soft cloth.
③ Let it dry naturally in a well-ventilated shade.