Mimc Natural Whitening Concealer SPF32 PA ++

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Mimc Natural Whitening Concealer SPF32 PA ++.

A medicated whitening concealer for whitening, rough skincare, and UV-cut skincare for trouble areas that tend to be sensitive, such as acne, age spots, and freckles, we have created a medicated concealer that can cover while performing trouble care and whitening.
A medicated whitening concealer that achieves a professional finish while moisturizing the skin with the special ingredients unique to MiMC, which knows the mechanism of the skin and the power of plants.

Dull, bluish bear - ight pink (concealer / highlight) that makes your complexion look pale.

Blemishes, freckles, acne - scar cover orange (concealer).

Covered with a concealer, put it on the area to blur it and blend it into the skin. - Light beige (control color).