Mimc Mineral Eyebrow Mascara


Mimc Mineral Eyebrow Mascara

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Color 01 Ash Blonde

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Mimc Mineral Eyebrow Mascara.

A film type that is firmly entwined with each one evenly in color and drops off when dropped.
MiMC's eyebrow mascara does not get dry because the mascara liquid easily sticks to the eyebrows.
With a film prescription, it will be applied to coat each one. It is a type that is easy to use even for beginners because it is less likely to cause color unevenness.
Simply put it on and you can easily create natural and fluffy natural eyebrows.
The eyebrows do not float and the finish is very natural.
Furthermore, although the film type is resistant to sweat and sebum, you can quickly and easily make it off with hot water when removing it.