Mimc Mineral Eraser Balm SPF20 PA++

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Mimc Mineral Creamy Foundation SPF20 PA ++.

The idea is from the desire to "release people who suffer from pores."
Makeup artist MICHIRU felt the problem that "many women have" pore "worries." The Eraser Balm was born to respond to such concerns with the power of nature.

The key ingredient is the soft and soft plant-derived "cellulose powder". It fits unevenly with less burden on the skin and enhances the perfection of makeup.
In order to further enhance the beauty of the bare skin, we have added carefully selected botanical extracts.

I want you to have an attachment to your bare skin and enjoy your daily makeup more.
The "Cosmetology Base Balm", which combines beautiful highlighting effects and skincare for the future while covering skin problems, is finally complete.