Mimc Mineral Creamy Shadow

Color 01 Sensible

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Mimc Mineral Creamy Shadow.

An oil-based, gel-like smooth texture that melts into your eyelids and gives you a wet, glossy feel.
A wet luster and a beautiful shine of natural minerals. The gel-like texture based on botanical serum oil came to the forefront of both designs.
Just put a small amount on your eyelids and let it blend in lightly to get a nuanced wet feeling and clear shine. It has a smooth, soft gel-like texture, so it develops beautiful colors with a small amount, and the beauty without cloudiness continues. In addition, even if the eyes are dry and the eye shadow is difficult to apply, the moisture of the serum oil and the brilliance of natural minerals (minerals) can be used to create an impressive eye area. It is non-silicone and can be turned off with soap.