Mimc Mineral Creamy Eye Base

Color 01 Natural

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Mimc Mineral Creamy Eye Base.

Gives luster and tones up the impression of the eyes.
Firmly covers dullness and tiredness.
Moisturizes and gives an elegant luster to the eyes, which tend to be dull due to dryness and tiredness, to tone up. Good stretch and excellent fit. Since it covers the dullness of the eyes with a small amount, it is excellent that you can evenly condition the skin while leaving a sheer skin feeling without a thick coating.

Since it fits thinly and firmly, you don't have to worry about wrinkles and makeup removal, and it also improves the beautiful coloring and fixing power of layered eye shadows. Especially when used with 100% natural ore eye shadow "Mineral Color Powder", it is recommended because it adds a creamy eye base gloss to the beautiful color and further improves the fixing power.

The make-up around my eyes is twisted or dull and I can't decide what I want. It is a reliable eye base that can be used even in such cases.