Mimc Bio Moisture Cheek

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Mimc Bio Moisture Cheek.

For smooth and beautiful skin moisturized with wild beauty oil. Bio Moisture Cheek, which has received many inquiries about resale even after it is sold out, has been upgraded and reappeared! The cheeks are the tallest part of the face and are the most exposed to UV rays.
It is important to protect against UV rays that cause pigmentation and wrinkles. The new Bio Moisture Cheek was born with the aim of creating such a cheek that works on the damage that has been received.

Focus on the wild plant oil "Wild Beauty Oil". While delivering the abundant vitamins of plants that live robustly in the harsh natural environment, we thought about moisturizing and caring for the vulnerable cheek lines.
Aggressive skin care and mineral powder that make use of the blessings of plants give a fresh moisturizing effect to the cheeks while protecting the cheek line, giving a fresh and youthful impression.