Midori MD Pencil Drawing Kit

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Enjoy "drawing"

A drawing kit that combines five types of pencils with a wide range of shades, an indispensable pencil cap, and a pencil sharpener into one to respond to such feelings.

There are five types of pencils included in the "MD Pencil Drawing Kit": 6B, 4B, and 2B with soft cores, and B and HB, which are relatively hard. The lineup has been carefully selected in consideration of the properties of "MD Cotton".

The pencil cap is made of light and durable brass with nickel plating.

Everything from body, cutlery and screws to Japanese pencil sharpeners.
The grinding of the teeth by the craftsman creates a sharpness that is praised as a "Japanese sword" that does not allow deviations of 0.01 mm.
All of the casual feelings are the result of seeking comfort.

  • Pencil / Diameter 7 × 176mm
  • Pencil Cap / Diameter 9 × 55mm
  • Pencil sharpener / H20 × W29 × D12mm