Midori MD Notebook Light

Size A4
Style Lined

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Take it out when you are inspired. Easy-to-carry "MD Notebook Light" set of 3 books.

A set of three 48-page books. Midori divided the "MD Notebook" into three volumes, just as if it were a separate book. MD Notebook Lite is a 48-page volume set that can be used in a few days. Please use your own ways, such as using the month and things.

It comes with a number from "1" to "12", a frequently used "IDEA", and an index sticker that can be filled out by yourself with only the frame printed. Please stick on the back and use. If you stick the sticker and customize it, you can see at a glance what the note is. 

This product is bound by "Stitcher binding". Please note that this is different from the "Middle Notebook Stitch" of the "MD Notebook Lite" previously sold.

  • A4 - H275×W210×D3mm ×3
  • A5 - H210×W148×D3mm ×3
  • 新書 - H175×W105×D3mm ×3
  • 文庫 - H148×W105×D3mm ×3