Mediplus Gel

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Mediplus Gel.

Product Features: "Aqua Oil" has the role of a moisturizing ingredient (water) that gives moisture to the skin and an emollient ingredient (oil) that prevents moisture from being lost from the skin, and maintains moisture for a long time. In addition, "Tamatsukuri Onsen Water", which is rich in minerals and supports the barrier function of the skin, is added. We have adopted a unique formula that achieves a fresh gel finish and prevents dryness.
8 additive-free (paraben, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, petroleum-based surfactant, synthetic fragrance, synthetic coloring, mineral oil, silicone free). It can be safely used by people with sensitive skin and children. Men can also use it.
How to use: This is an all-in-one type that prevents dryness, so you can clean it in just 5 seconds. 1 push in the morning, 2 pushes at night.

180g/ All in one skin care