Lunasol Positive Solution

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Lunasol Positive Solution.

A essence that gives a beautiful, shiny skin, just like after base makeup, even with a single coat and skin care.
The point is that the oil was trapped in the gel.
Even though it has a rich body, it fits lightly and lightly, and keeps a rich moisture like cream.
Transparent luster film prepares smooth and supple skin and enhances makeup glue.

Compounding moisturizing ingredients: Watercress (Netherlands glass extract), Neubara fruit extract, Altea root extract, horsetail extract, glycerin
scent: Citrus floral herbal scent that adds the femininity of geranium and rose to the freshness of orange and grapefruit.

  • How to use - After adjusting the skin with a lotion, apply it to the entire face. As for the amount of use at one time, it is a guide to push twice (about 0.4g).
  • 30g