Lunasol Glowing Watery Oil Liquid

Color 01 Light

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Lunasol Glowing Watery Oil Liquid.

Although it is as thin and light as a bare skin, it has a water gloss that has been completely calculated.
It is the birth of a new liquid foundation that makes the hidden base makeup possible.
Skillfully manipulating the oil technique, the glossy color is integrated with the skin.
From the soba that spreads on the skin, a glossy water shine is created, giving it a fresh luster and firmness.
Moisturizes like a beauty essence and wraps the skin around for a beautiful finish.
Please enjoy the finish after careful skin care.

  • All 5 colors 30mL 01~04 SPF25・PA++ CL SPF18・PA++
  • CL Clear: Highly transparent, with a glossy finish that looks like bare skin.