Lunasol Eye Coloration 2022 July Limited

Color EX23 Pink Pomegranate

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Lunasol Eye Coloration 2022 July Limited

The moment you touch it, you become captivated. A four-color set eye shadow that expresses the freshness of a lustrous wetness and the soft and ripe texture by blending a variety of textures with vibrant colors, with the motif of fruits that
attract people with beautiful colors and rich scents . To a fascinating look that catches your eyes and keeps you on your eyes.

2 new limited colors released on 2021.7.15 

EX22 A glossy pomegranate with a hidden danger. Glitter overflows like a jewel.

EX23 Soft yellow with a sweet scent. Unexpected stimulus. Wearing light, the wind blows in my heart. Feel the joy of being loved by the sky.