Lancome Advanced Miracle Foundation

Color PO-02

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Lancome Advanced Miracle Foundation.

Richly blended beauty essence ingredient. Makes your skin fresh, clear, and healthy, just like after skin care.
Beautiful finish and moisture last for 24 hours.

1.1 Use push for half face.
2. Place 3 points high on the cheeks and use your fingers or sponge to extend them radially from the center of the face.
3. 3. Use your fingertips or the tip of a sponge to apply evenly to small areas such as the sides of your nose and around your eyes.
Four. If the cover is not enough, tap the foundation and stack it.

* Shake lightly before use
* When using a sponge, it is recommended because the Tan Idol Ultra Wear Makeup Sponge is easy to apply to fine parts and makes it easy to make a thin and uniform finish.