Lancome Absolue Soft Cream

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Lancome Absolue Soft Cream.

A cream that represents the essence of Lancome skin care, "Absolue".
With the blessing of Rose, to the beauty that brings you back to life.


From thousands to you alone
The supreme rose bearing the name of "Lancom", boasting the rare beauty and vitality selected from about 20,000 kinds, the encounter with new beauty invited by Lancome Rose * 1 and advanced science. Sublimate the blessings of Lancome Rose * 1 with the power of science and use it on your skin.

For evoking, breathtaking beauty, lustrous shine, and supple, bouncy skin.
Approach the natural beauty of the skin with uncompromising aging care * 2. An unparalleled beauty just for you, which is now in full bloom.

The supreme texture reached through many trials, and what we pursued is a sweet feeling that resonates with the skin. The cream that forms the core of the collection has a dense formula that melts into the skin and wraps the skin in a plump, moisturizing veil.

New Absolue
Sublimate the blessings of Lancome Rose * 1 to a new territory

Fragrance: Elegant and feminine fragrance with citrus floral, rose and herb notes.

* 1 Skin conditioning ingredient: Hybrid rose flower extract
* 2 Care that gives a feeling of elasticity according to age