Lancome Absolue Compact Foundation

Color 100 - P

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Lancome Absolue Compact Foundation.

A finish that enhances the graceful texture and dignity of the skin.

It blends in softly and blends in, giving it a graceful texture and a finish that enhances the dignity of the skin.

Rose oil is newly added to the beauty essence ingredient. It does not collapse over time and continues to have a moist and supple beauty that has been applied for a long time. In addition, SPF32 / PA +++ protects the skin from UV rays. To the ecstatic beauty that shines and shines.

Absolute Sublim Radiance Compact is recommended for the following people and applications.
・ Those who are looking for a higher-grade compact foundation
・ Absolue Tan Sublim Essence Liquid or Absolue Tan Precious Cell Repair
・ Aging care with compact foundation

Take an appropriate amount and spread it over the entire face.