Kanebo Wearing Keep Rouge

Color 01 Smart Red

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Kanebo Wearing Keep Rouge.

One-stroke vivid color, slim slim lipstick.

The vivid color adheres to the lips cleanly.
A slim type lipstick that will complete a beautifully lustrous lipstick with just one coat.
Brightens the skin color and makes the impression lively and beautiful.

Lively skin impression with a complexion.

The red pearl with the impression of 5R color weaves a natural complexion on the lips and creates beautiful skin tones.

01 Smart Red -  A smart red that creates a sophisticated and elegant mouth
06 Smoky Red - Smoky red with a soft tone that fits comfortably on the skin
07 Cameo Rose - Cameo rose that makes your skin look beautiful with a calm and gentle tone
08 Rosy Red - Rosie Red that blends naturally into the skin and radiates naturally
09 Burgundy Brown - Burgundy brown that brings a special flair to dresses on the lips
10 Spicy Red - Spicy red that expresses femininity with vivid colors full of vitality