Kanebo The Lotion

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Kanebo The Exceptional.

Clear, refreshing and fresh. A time of gentle and gentle care, guided by the breathtaking moisturization, the transparent beauty rushes. A lotion that clears up the precious moisture that springs out, politely and carefully, and makes you feel as if you are purifying with pure water.

Contains active ingredients. Prevents rough skin and keeps the skin healthy.
A lotion that approaches comprehensively based on the concept of "clear skin solution" that satisfies the elements related to beautiful skin such as moisture, luster, firmness, smoothness, and brightness guided by moisture. It is a prescription that combines mellow skin with first touch and skin familiarity that penetrates deeply into the stratum corneum without stickiness.

The scent of eternity bouquet, which is a collection of beautiful and elegant flowers based on white. It is filled with a pleasant scent, and creates a care time that keeps your mind clear.
  • 150ml

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