Kanebo The Cream Foundation

Color Pink Ocher B

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Kanebo The Exceptional The Cream Foundation

The solitary beauty of imperfections

Just as each person's beauty is different, the way the skin looks is not the same,
so he wears the unevenness only for that person and completes the beauty in an instant.
The beginning is filled with a dense covering power, but it does not spread too much and fits quickly to the skin.
Covers the skin you want to hide, and enhances the beauty even if you don't hide it.
The sublime beauty of your own, created with an incomplete coating. 

  • All 6 colors 30mL
  • SPF15・PA++ (Ocher A only SPF10・PA++)
  • Shift change effect - It is a prescription that densely fades in and does not cover the targeted area firmly, but does not spread and gently fades out. Shift 1 first touch covers firmly. - A soft wet bounce powder that contains oil gives the targeted area a thickness and adheres to the skin. Shift 2 Lightly without spreading. The fitting oil, which has a high degree of adhesion, acts as a stopper so that it fits into the skin without spreading too much.
  • Elastic glossy film - it fits flexibly in any movement and keeps the veil with a beautiful luster.
  • Light effect - Inspired by the three primary colors of light, the red, blue, and green poles overlap like an aurora, giving off a fluctuating and solemn sense.
  • fragrance - The scent of eternity bouquet, which is a collection of beautiful and elegant flowers based on white.