Kanebo Shimmering Compact

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A face color that beautifully sculpts the skeleton with light and color by freely controlling the beautiful luminous feeling.

The moment you put it on your skin, the creamy luster spreads on your skin and adheres smoothly. A skin finish that shines through a delicate light while holding a subtle bleeding complexion. Wearing a bright light creates a noble and sophisticated three-dimensional effect.
Three-color face color with a beautiful skeleton that stands out due to the contrast of light.

Based on 5R, which is the center of the red hue, it creates a natural complexion that oozes from the inside, making the skin look beautiful.
A: Clear Move - Cheekbones to the position under the eyes. A thin brush can be applied to the upper lip in a square shape to create a three-dimensional lip. (Ideal for bluish lipstick.)

B: clear red - Widely applied in the cheek to highlight zones. It is also ideal for areas where you want to give a bloody light.

C: Glow Beige - Apply from cheekbones to the top of the cheeks. Please use it in the T zone or anywhere you want to add luster. Apply a thin brush to the upper lip in a square shape to create a three-dimensional lips. (Ideal for yellowish lipstick.)

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