Kanebo Rouge Star Vibrant

Color V01 Cupid Stone

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Kanebo Rouge Star Vibrant.

A technology that wraps the vivid color of arterial blood in a thick glossy film to maintain the "red of a heartbeat" and the "gloss of a beautiful mucous membrane.".


V01 Cupid Stone

A cupid stone with a soft pink tinge of gold that gives it an elegant look.

V02 Classical Red

A calming, mellow classic red that blends naturally with your skin tone.

V03 Rapture Rose

Rapture rose creates an exhilarating expression that expresses the feeling of joy.

V04 Core Red

Core red that blends well with your skin tone and makes you look beautiful.

V05 Vivid Passion

Vivid Passion, a bright red with a bluish tinge, adds vivid passion to the lips.

V06 Heat Red

A heat red that blends calmness with a bit of elation, creating a dignified look.

V07 Inmost Desire

Inmost Desire, a quiet strength that releases the deepest desires of the heart.

V08 Peach Bloom

Peach bloom is a warm color that gives a natural complexion, and beauty blooms from the lips.

V09 Innocent Mood

An innocent mood that brings out the innocence in everyone and enhances their charm.

V10 Golden Amber

A golden amber that envelops your lips with a soft reddish light and brightens up your expression.

EX1 Delight Orange

Delight orange creates a positive and cheerful expression.

EX2 Sweet Up

A sweet up look with a transparent pop of pink that enhances your adorable charm.