Kanebo Dual Eyeliner (Color)

Color EC1 Trick Gray Refill Only

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Kanebo Dual Eyeliner.

Uses double lines to tighten and strengthen the frame.
A "pencil" that makes the frame, a "liquid" that makes the frame stand out, and an eyeliner that doubles to emphasize the impression of the eyes. Draw a shadow to create a willful look.

  • Please use it by setting it in the Kanebo Dual Eyeliner Holder (sold separately).
  • Hold the tip of the pencil, turn the holder to the right, and extend the lead by 1 to 2 mm before use. After use, lower the wick to restore it.
  • Kanebo Dual Eyeliner (Pencil) and Kanebo Dual Eyeliner (Liquid), which are sold separately, should be firmly set into the holder before use.