Kanebo Body Lipid Wear

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A changing veil that blends into the skin and retains moisture all day long, never letting go. Although the skin surface is smooth, it is lustrous and moist, and it is elastic and supple to touch. Enjoy the ever-changing feel of the skin as the lasting veil changes, and want to touch it forever, to a moist and loving body.

A smooth veil that keeps you moisturized all day long. I love the changing skin feeling.

A cream prescription with the "baby soft oil prescription" developed for the body, inspired by the creamy substance "vernix" that gently wraps the baby's immature skin. By adjusting the mixing ratio of the solid oil and the liquid oil, the feeling of close contact with the skin is enhanced. The lasting veil of moisture changes while wrapping the skin, and you can enjoy the change in skin feel throughout the day.

Aroma teatopia scent based on teatopia which is the scent of fresh and lovely tea flowers. A refreshing green floral scent.

  • 150ml