Jill Stuart Something Pure Blue My Lips

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Jill Stuart Something Pure Blue My Lips.

When you touch your lips, something blue turns into happiness.
A tint lip that changes to your own pink color.

3.6g, limited release on April 26th.

●When applied, the sheer blue turns into your own pink color as it reacts with the moisture on your lips. Something Pure Blue's limited edition tint lipstick that gives you a pure complexion that makes your lips look clean (color changes may vary from person to person).
●Large blue and pink pearls and small purple pearls are blended into the sheer blue that brings out the transparency. Makes your lips even more beautiful with a glossy finish.
●The tint effect keeps the color firmly in place even over time. Leaves your lips lightly colored and pure for a long time.
●Gives your lips fresh moisture and moisturizes them with a plump and smooth film.
●Smell of something blue bouquet.