Jill Stuart Moose Brow Mascara

Color 02 Mocha

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Jill Stuart Moose Brow Mascara.

A soft and light mousse touch.
Eyebrow mascara for a natural eyebrow color.

An eyebrow mascara that gives you a mousse-like soft and natural eyebrow color with a single application.
For soft, semi-matte, and natural eyebrows. It is a light application that does not easily become lumpy even when layered.
4 types can be selected according to the hair color and makeup atmosphere. The color is just as you see it, giving it a soft and innocent impression.

Contains a film-forming agent that is resistant to sweat and sebum and creates a flexible film. It is resistant to sweat, water, sebum, and rubbing, and has excellent makeup. It becomes soft with hot water of about 40 ° C, so you can easily turn it off with hot water.
Uses a mini brush that does not easily stick to the skin and is easy to apply to small areas according to the width of the eyebrows. Easy to draw without failure.
When used in combination with Brow & Nose Shadow Powder and Airy Stay Brow Liner, the eyebrows will be softer and softer.
Crystal floral bouquet scent.