Jill Stuart Icy Hair Mask Pink Lemonade White Floral

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Jill Stuart Icy Hair Mask Pink Lemonade White Floral.

For moist, smooth and shiny hair with a sweet and refreshing scent.
A cool and refreshing hair mask.


limited release on May 10th.

●A hair mask luxuriously formulated with two types of hair internal repair ingredients. Intensive care for summer hair damaged by UV rays.
●Contains menthol, so you can enjoy a refreshing and cool feeling.
●Moisturizing ingredients such as lemon extract and raspberry extract provide plenty of moisture to dry and damaged hair, intensively repairing it deep down. It leads to moist and supple hair.
●Cuticle coat ingredients lock in moisture while coating each hair, giving you silky smooth fingers and high-quality, shiny hair.
●A rich base containing highly adhesive oils and oils that blend well with the hair, adheres to and blends into each hair strand, enhancing the repair effect.
●Cares for color-damaged hair and creates a beautiful, shiny hair color.
●For hair that has become alkaline due to hair coloring, etc., use a slightly acidic hair mask to tighten the cuticle.
●Every time you use it, a sweet and refreshing scent gently wraps your hair.
●Pink Lemonade White floral scent.