Jill Stuart Brilliant Jewel Lip & Nail Balm

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Jill Stuart Brilliant Jewel Lip & Nail Balm.

Moisturizes your lips and fingertips with a melting touch.
A multi-balm with a gentle fragrance of brilliant jewels.


Release on Sep 1st, 2023

●A limited-edition multi-balm that melts in your mouth and moisturizes your lips and fingertips while enveloping you in the scent of Brilliant Jewel.
●A combination of wax to maintain the shape of the balm and paste oil that melts at body temperature has achieved a melt-in-your-mouth feel.
●By blending plenty of oil that easily blends into the lips and combining it with a low-viscosity oil, the balm blends well and has high moisturizing power.
●Since it is used on the hands and fingertips, it contains carefully selected oil that is smooth overall. You can achieve smooth fingertips without feeling sticky.
●Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, paraben free.
●Brilliant jewel fragrance.