Jill Stuart Bloom Drop Lip & Cheek Chiffon

Color 01 kiss bloom

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Jill Stuart Bloom Drop Lip & Cheek Chiffon.

Soft and gentle colors like the tears of blooming flowers.
Lips and cheeks with a soft matte texture and continuous coloring.

Introducing a new lip and cheek color that gently colors your lips and cheeks with a fresh touch reminiscent of the pure tears of blooming flowers. All 10 neutral and pastel nude colors give a soft matte finish that is as soft as wrapping light.
At the beginning of application, it spreads like tears and changes to a soft matte texture.
With fluffy emollient oil, you can achieve a moisturized finish without stickiness.
Since the oil volatilizes and forms a film in which the film components do not adhere secondarily, beautiful color development lasts for a long time.
Designed with the image of gentle teardrops spilling from flowers. The bottle is designed with a relief of a flower pattern to express the pretty flowers in full bloom.
Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, paraben free.
Crystal floral bouquet scent

● Take an appropriate amount on the attached applicator and use it directly on your lips and cheeks. When using on the cheeks, apply a small amount and blur with your fingers.
● When applying to the lips, spread the lips from side to side and apply to dry to increase the degree of adhesion and evenly spread.