Isehan Japan Kiss Me Heroine Mascara Super WP

Color Black
Style Volume up

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Isehan Japan Kiss Me Heroine Make Long/Volume UP Mascara Super WP.

Beautifully lengthened up! Durable long & curl mascara / Beautifully increased density! Durable volume & curl mascara

A long-type/volume type durable mascara that is resistant to tears, sweat, water, sebum, and rubbing with a super waterproof prescription that does not bleed for a long time.
With a combination of long EX fiber that easily gets entangled with eyelashes and 5 mm long extension fiber, it grows longer as you apply it, and each eyelash is separated into beautiful long eyelashes.
In addition, the curl lock component and shape-sustaining polymer are blended to strongly fix the upward curl the moment it is applied, and the curl lasts all day.
It is easy to reapply while combing the lashes with a separate curve brush, and it does not become a lump or a bundle.

2 colors/ 2 types