Ipsa The Time R Aqua Oil


Ipsa The Time R Aqua Oil

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Ipsa The Time R Aqua Oil.

An oil-type serum for the whole body that replenishes plenty of water to the whole body and keeps it fresh and moist.
Adopt IPSA's original "aqua oil technology".
Contains moisturizing ingredients "Aqua Presenter III" and "Plant Oil Complex GL" to create an artificial layer of water that retains moisturizing ingredients on the surface of the skin. It gives you and prevents you from missing it, and exerts a generous hydration effect on your whole body.
With a surprisingly fresh feel, it will make your skin feel as if it were filled with water.
No alcohol added.


Take an appropriate amount on your palm and apply it all over your body.
It doesn't matter when you use it.
Because it is a fresh and smooth oily serum, it is recommended to use it before using a rich product.