Ipsa Me Ultimate Lotion


Ipsa Me Ultimate Lotion

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Ipsa Me Ultimate Lotion.

The ultimate lotion that brings deep skin moisture, transparency, and firmness to your skin to take advantage of your potential and bring it to the next level. Moisturizing ingredients, amino acid complex "Amino A5 GENE EX" and "Argermina EX" moisturize the stratum corneum. 

  • Ultimate1 is for skin with a lot of sebum. With a fresh and supple feel, it leads to smooth skin with a satin-like smooth feel. 
  • Ultimate2 is for moderate sebum skin. With a moist and mellow feel, it leads to silky, smooth skin.
  • Ultimate3 is for skin with less sebum. With a moist and rich feel, it leads to a richly moisturized skin.
  • 50ml