House of Rose Oh Baby Scrub Lip Balm Tint

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House of Rose Oh Baby Scrub Lip Balm Tint.

Give you smooth, plump, “naive” skin. Based on keratin softening care, it is easy to clean with a 'prescription that feels good with body temperature'. It melts, blends easily, adheres well, and develops color. While enjoying daily care, we will deliver care that will leave you feeling smooth and plump, with an "Oh!'" feeling.

A 2-way lip balm that removes dead skin cells and moisturizes, leaving your lips plump and soft. Contains Wasanbon Sugar Scrub to smooth out stiff, rough, and rough lips. It melts at your body temperature and clings tightly to your lips. You can create a moisture pack just by applying it. Contains baby peach ceramide, an original ingredient that leads to moisturized lips with a lively impression, and hot spring water (moisturizing ingredient) from Izumo, Shimane Prefecture, which moisturizes lips. It has a translucent peach pink color that gives it a naive look.

A slightly sweet vanilla mint scent.