House of Rose Be Jelly lotion AN

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House of Rose Be Jelly lotion AN.

"Amanatsu scent" that fills your heart with a refreshing scent Is here!
I imagined the bittersweet freshness that spreads the moment the thick outer skin is peeled off, and the gorgeously sweet and sourness that pops from the flesh filled with plenty of juice.
Have a fun body care time with the scent of early summer!

A jelly lotion that penetrates lightly (up to the stratum corneum) and moisturizes the skin. Contains smooth powder to keep the sticky skin in spring and summer feeling comfortable. Sweet and sour, bittersweet, fresh sweet summer scent.


* Color-free, mineral oil-free, paraben-free

[Country of origin] Japan

Contains Natsumikan flower water (sweet summer nerori water), Natsumikan flower extract, orange fruit extract, Na hyaluronate, glycosyl trehalose (all moisturizing ingredients)