Helena Rubinstein Prodigy Cellglow Soft Cream

Size 50ml

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Helena Rubinstein Prodigy Cellglow Soft Cream.

A generous combination of original Supreme Edelweiss and ingredients that maintain elasticity.
The silky-smooth, melty texture leads to dense, firm, elastic, and radiant skin.

Edelweiss, a white diamond in the Swiss Alps A
perennial plant Edelweiss that blooms every year on the top of the mountain without fading.
There was a secret in its extraordinary strength to survive in harsh environments such as strong ultraviolet rays, low oxygen, low pressure, and drastic temperature changes at an altitude of 3000 m.

Researching secrets that continue to shine even in harsh environments
Helena Rubinstein focuses on the self-renewal power of the primordial cells of Edelweiss. With the cooperation of one of the world's leading research institutes, we have discovered the potential for new aging care.

Original ingredient "Suprem Edelweiss"
Contains all the useful ingredients of rare Edelweiss.
Edelweiss primordial cells are combined with Edelweiss extract, which protects the skin, and Edelweiss lipid extract, which supplements oil.

After morning and evening, face wash, lotion, eye treatment, and cosmetological emulsion, apply an appropriate amount to the entire face as needed.