Hakuhodo Portable Kokutan Mini Brush Set

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Hakuhodo Portable Kokutan Mini Brush Set.

Hakuhodo has developed this set specially for those who need small brushes, ideal for when you are on the go. All the brush lengths are less than 9 cm! The size may be small but the performance is big! Best of all, the blusher brush, made of 100% blue squirrel, is incredibly soft on your skin. The handles made of Kokutan - ebony wood, are sumptuous to hold, improve as you use and are perfectly weighted for precise control. The set contains: Blusher brush, Eye shadow (shadow base) brush, Eye shadow brush, Eye shadow (shadow liner) brush, Eye brow brush, Lip brush and Special portable case.

Use application: Portable Kokutan Mini Brush Set ( 7 brushes & Portable case )
Handle: Wood/Ebony
Ferrule: Matte black-plated brass
Size External size (Portable case): 115mm×80mm×50